It is all about Services!

Unmanned Aircraft Systems are important for commercial applications such as aerial photography, GEO-information, agricultural remote sensing and application, pipeline and power line surveillance, fisheries and wildlife monitoring, fire-fighting, weather and climate studies, security, law enforcement, rescue, recovery missions and event broadcasting. Moreover, the consumer has found the UAS as (info)tainment product.

91 percent of the attendees of the previous event in Denmark would recommend the event to a colleague or business partner (based on a survey amongst the participants).

26 May Demonstration flights
On 26 May demonstration flights will be carried out. During that day (14.00 – 17.00 hrs) there will be no seminar and exhibition. If you are interested to give a flying demonstration, please contact us.

26 May Dinner
(costs for own account), for more info go to the registration page.

27 May Seminar
During the seminar, industrial leaders (national and international) will share their experience, vision with UAS and future of UAS.

27 May Exhibition
There will be opportunities before, after and during breaks in the seminar for networking and visiting the stands. Suppliers and service providers will be presenting their newest products and services here.


  • UAS deployment, the real world.
  • Insight in development regarding UAS (fixed wing, rotary wing, flapping wing, aerostats)
  • Insight in development of sensor technology, deployments and integration of software / services
  • Training and examination

The event aims to

  • Increase awareness about the significant potential of Unmanned Aircraft Systems  commercial applications for the professional market
  • Get insight how the commercial and even consumer market will influence the growth (in volume and money) of this industry;
  • Increase awareness about possibilities of new lightweight, light energy, stand-off sensors

Target groups

  • End users from the following industries:
    • aerial photography / cinematography
    • agricultural remote sensing and application,
    • Geo-services,
    • Pipeline and power line surveillance
    • Fisheries and wildlife monitoring
    • Fire-fighting, W
    • ether and climate studies,
    • Security/surveillance,
    • Law enforcement,
    • Rescue / recovery missions,
    • Event broadcasting.
  • UAS Manufacturers (incl. Open Source and consumer products)
  • Sensor manufacturers
  • Service providers / System integrators,
  • Research Institution,
  • Consultants,
  • Venture Capital,
  • Regulatory and Certification bodies
  • Governmental bodies